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Facility Energy Audits
Retro Commission
Power Factor Correction

The cleanest, least expensive kilowatt hour is the one NOT needed.

If you own and operate a facility, then you know that there are only two ways to improve your bottom line: increase revenue, or decrease costs. My core business is to show clients how to design, engineer and build facilities that decrease energy and operational costs while increasing  property value in balance with fiscally sound design initiatives.

Facility Energy Audits

Why do an Energy Audit?

  • Know how existing equipment and processes are impacting energy costs

  • Know which changes will most effectively increase cash flow and savings


Investment grade energy audits identify and quantify sustainability initiatives – and are an essential starting point for increasing building performance and increased energy efficiency. Energy audits provide building owners with a road-map of their asset infrastructure, energy usage and costs.


If you own or operate a facility that is over 10 years old, it is very likely that you’re losing a lot of money each year because building systems are not operating efficiently, or as designed. This is a costly problem that can lead to poorly performing building system equipment and the loss of critically important employees and tenants because the facility is perceived to be uncomfortable during the changing seasons. Retro Commissioning, also known as (RCx), has the primary objective of optimizing the performance of existing building systems within their current configurations, in other words, a “tune-up for your building".


But what are the real benefits?

  • Improved system operation: beyond preventive maintenance

  • Improved equipment performance

  • Increased O&M Staff Capabilities and Expertise

  • Increased asset value

  • Energy savings

  • Improved Occupant Comfort

  • Improved indoor environmental quality (IEQ)

  • Improved building documentation

Efficiency Retrofits

You can save energy by altering behavior, timing, and technology. Most buildings offer opportunities for low-or no-cost improvements to reduce costs. Beyond quick wins, there are currently an unprecedented number of government and utility incentives to pursue building retrofits.

Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Every business and property is unique. So it is important to tailor efficiency solutions to fit your needs.

  • Fixed and variable speed motors

  • Demand side energy management

  • Lighting controls

  • Compressors, HVAC equipment and refrigeration equipment

  • Building automation systems / energy management systems

Power Factor Correction

Careful application of properly sized capacitive devices in very close proximity to inductive loads clearly meets the ‘two benefit’ standard of generating direct and indirect savings. This approach requires the creation of an exactly matched capacitor network for every single treated load in a facility.

Power factor correction can save equipment costs and energy to help your facility:

  • Realize immediate power and cost savings

  • Increase electrical distribution system and equipment efficiency

  • Improve cooling capacity

  • Maintain quality voltage levels with less voltage drops

  • Run cooler, more efficient equipment with longer lifespan

  • Capture passive technology without load cycling

  • Install upgrades without disruption to facility operations

Alternative Energy 

When investing in clean energy production, energy costs become an asset. Producing power at your facility will allow you to have energy revenue instead of energy costs. I utilize a comprehensive survey and proprietary computer model to determine not only if there are opportunities for the use of solar, wind or geothermal applications, but specifically which types should be utilized to address your particular objectives.


Important considerations that need to be reviewed will include:

  • Initial feasibility analysis

  • Site inspection

  • Engineering, procurement, and construction

  • Project finance

  • Incentives acquisition

  • Monitoring & maintenance

For many businesses, the highly visible nature of alternative energy systems makes the marketing benefits as important as the energy produced. Projects may qualify for financial incentives and are cost effective in areas. In some markets payback ranges can be as little as 5 to 10 years.

Energy Audits
Solar Panels
Efficiency Retrofits
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